Welcome to CCL's catalogue of hardware solutions.

The catalogue lists a wide range of server and storage models which include Dell Poweredge, HP Proliant, IBM Xseries, IBM Pseries, Sun Enterprise and Sun Sparc servers, Dell PowerVault, HP StoreVirtual, HP StoreEasy, StorageWorks, IBM V7000 and Sun Storage.

We source our products form a range of leading suppliers who include manufacturers, distributors, leasing companies, resellers and end users who are upgrading, replacing or virtualising their systems .

The condition of the products that we provide varies in accordance to its source from "new retail to refurbished and all the hardware we sell is processed through a grading process before we offer it for sale and is thoroughly tested prior to shipping. All systems include a minimum of 12 months RTB warranty.

To request a quotation for the systems you require, please email sales@ccl.co.uk or complete the form on our web site specifying your unique requirements.


X4150 Server

Sun X4150 Server

X4270 M2 Server

Sun X4270M2 Rack Server

T4-2 Server

Sun T4-2 Server

X4600 M2 Server

Sun X4600M2 Opteron Server

X4240 Server

Sun X4240 Server

X4250 Server

Sun X4250 Server

X4170 M3 Server

Sun X4170M3 Server

T5440 Server

Sun Enterprise T5440 Server

T5120 Server

Sun Enterprise T5120 Server

T2000 Server

Sun Enterprise T2000 Server

M9000 Server

Sun M9000 Server

M8000 Server

Sun M8000 Server

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